Memorial Day Rain

May 2009 ...unlike the current May

This is Rose Festival weekend in Portland. The opening ceremony was last night, and the news this morning mentioned the “dozens” of people out to catch the traditional fireworks show. Heh heh. Local news images showed pale Portland people huddling beneath umbrellas and slogging through mud in the carnival area.

I should have gone last year. It was remarkable in that it was dry and sunny, and apparently it’s never dry and sunny during the Rose Festival. The rain is a particular Portland tradition for the Rose Parade. It was a light rain this morning for the parade, so not too bad. The bigger deal is that we have had nearly two weeks of steady rain, punctuated occasionally with gushing downpours.

There is standing water in my garden. Sigh.

And all this was ok until I took advantage of the cold wet weather to do some Web housekeeping. I have a personal webpage on which I keep track of our improvements on the old house in which we live. I’ve been doing some more brick work on our front slope, and thought it was about time to update my “landscaping” section of the home improvements pages.

This morning I browsed through the May 2009 photos and found the one above. I also found photos of our hydrangeas in full bloom, sunshine speckling the dirt beneath my garden plants bursting with life, lazy kitties napping in the yard, and… you get the picture. Basically, the weather was warmer last May. Whaahhhh, I want warmer weather. It’s almost summer for gosh sake!

I am not too impatient though. I recall that the typical Portland summer doesn’t begin until July. That means I need to wait it out another month.

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