Birthday present to me!

…because I know exactly what I want, right?!

I turn 40 January 9th. Forty. wow. It’s a significant landmark, and I decided to do something amazing. So I’m taking my daughter to Egypt. It was my 4th choice of a destination, narrowed down by January weather and price tags. I think our choice will be excellent, though.

I’m taking the laptop and crossing my fingers for a wireless connection or two along the way, so I can update you ON SITE. How fun would that be?

I’ve been practicing my Arabic, got our immunization records together, renewed my passport (whew! It had almost expired, good thing I checked).

What will we learn? This wide world has so much to teach and I have a mere speck of time in this life to learn it and see it. I told my grandmother that it’s frustrating sometimes because the planet is so large I’ll never get to see it all.

My daughter is leaving North America for the first time, and I am dying to see the effect it has on her. She already has a much broader view of the world than I did when I was 12. She is an incredible human and I can’t wait to see how she incorporates this experience into who she is.

We leave for NYC on the 11th. I’ll keep you posted!

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