Heat and Earrings

Scene from my backyard. That shred of orange/white carpet is Big O.

Oregon has been flinging out some astonishing heat. 106 degrees on two different days. It doesn’t get that hot in Portland. What’s going on with the weather?

Lloyd Center
  • July 26th 93 degrees
  • 27th 103 (record)
  • 28th 106 (record)
  • 29th 106 (record)
  • 30th 96
  • 31st 94
  • August 1st 95 (record)

Just when I thought it was going to be reasonable from now on, we broke another record Wednesday at 97 degrees. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Phoenix.

Girlie decided that getting her ears pierced couldn’t hurt worse than braces. We headed down to the Hawthorne Street Fair to find a tattoo/piercing place to get it done right. Turns out their licenses only cover age 13 and up. Go figure.

she's trying not to be nervous

T didn’t want to get pierced there. “Mom,” she says, “that place gave me the creeps. There were bikers and tattooed hippies and creepy people. I would rather go to the mall.”

We went to Claire’s at the Lloyd Center Mall, and that made her day. She was bouncy and giggly from start to finish, except for a tiny moment of tense fear right at puncture time. (note to self: young people like malls, not bikers and hippies) She got over the fear part quickly and moved to stifled thrills. She told me in confidence, “I’m acting like it’s no big deal, but on the inside, I’m jumping up and down and screaming.”

Newly pierced, with a sweet prize from her piercer
People have been skating in this mall since I was a kid

…and coming back to the weather. During some of the worst of it, I snapped this in the back yard. This is the way Big O (short for Big Orange Cat) says “Oh cripey, it’s hot.”

EEeerrrrgggg. Somebody turn off the heat.

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