my garden is growing
same view as above, a few weeks ago. What a difference!

I just wanted to update with a couple of photos.

beets and carrots

I blogged these when they were little sprouts. I was so excited. Now look at these things. We have to keep picking and eating the beet greens, and you can’t even tell. Very fun.

cherry tomatoes
sage, basil, thyme, cilantro

The herbs are on the other side of the front steps, or the other side of the hill in front of our house. We cleared the ivy from the right side, put up the retaining wall, put in the garden. Then cleared the ivy from the left side, put up a wall, put in the garden. This side hasn’t has as much time in the ground and is thus less like a jungle than the other side.

I'm from Idaho. It isn't a proper garden without potatoes
watermelon and peas

My daughter insisted on watermelon, so here it is. I’ve never been able to make this plant survive before, but it seems happy here, so maybe we’ll get some fruit after all. The peas look sad, but I did put them in late, and they should have been an early crop.

We had visitors yesterday. First a woman and her husband who said she lived in this house as a child. She said she moved away in the 1950s, when she was 10 years old. She had fun wandering around the property and looking at all the rooms and telling us what it looked like when she lived here. They currently live in Indianapolis, and warned us that because of a family reunion, we may be visited by others, since there were six children. “Well, that’s why we had to leave, of course,” she said. “Not enough room.”

We were also visited in the evening by this couple. They wandered through the yard and then out into the alley. We must have had good bugs, because they hung around for about an hour, clucking and purring and cheeping.

Guinea Fowl in the back yard
Guinea Fowl in the alley behind the house

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