Scratchy towels

There were a couple of days last week warm enough to put our clothes out on the line.

We first strung the clothesline halfway through last summer when our hand-me-down drier finally gave it up. We couldn’t afford major appliance-shopping, so we spent $7 or so on line and clothespins.

I was thinking poverty, poverty, poverty as I hung those first clothes out in 2008. Oh, how I hate reminders that I don’t have the income I wish for. It makes me extra-sensitive to signals, causing me to interpret them in a darker light than what is reality.

Turns out, when I got over feeling sorry for myself, I realized that I LOVE clothes on the line! There are plenty of fabulous reasons to hang clothes out, namely, that I’m not stealing energy from the Universe with my excessive use of electricity. I can do good for the planet. My clothes smell delicious when they’ve been out in the fresh air for a few hours.

I also love scratchy towels. When you line-dry terry cloth, each little nub of cotton is firmer. Drying off with one of these towels is as close to getting a massage as I usually get. I vigorously scrub my face, my legs, my back, my feet. It feels so good! The water wicks away instantly without the use of fabric softener I always throw in the drier. I feel good about myself, and I feel healthier. My skin gets all pink with blood pumping through and I’m ready to begin the day.

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