Natural bomber

I just saw something very cool.

I was out in the back yard, breathing air which is not freezing anymore. I’ve got these beensy mini-daffodils coming up, and they’re brilliant. The Juncos have learned that when I show up, that is somehow connected to tasty seeds. So they start arriving. And I’m watching the tree where they are perching and thinking about tasty seeds and looking at me… and I see a hummingbird join them.

A hummingbird! Cool! I saw her on Saturday afternoon too. I guess I need to add some tasty juice to our back yard fare.

Then Mr. Hummingbird shows up and hovers 11 inches away from the Ms.

“Hello, hello? Check this out!”

And he suddenly goes up, up, up into the sky. Waaaaaaaaay up. So up that I can’t even see his teeny weeny bird body anymore. Then he DIVE BOMBS the tree and makes this awesome whining sound because he’s blasting through the air so quickly.

Ms. Hummingbird doesn’t move. She says, “hm.”

He does it again and again. It is SO awesome! I’ve heard of that, but never seen it. Waaaaaaaay up into the sky till he’s invisible, then whoosh! Bzzzzzing! and Zzzzeeow! he dive-bombs past the tree, somehow timing that whine to occur at the exact moment he passes the Ms.

Then he flew over to roost on a nearby rooftop and chirped at her for several minutes.

She decided it actually was pretty cool. “Ok, I’ll fly with you,” she said. And zoom! Off they went together.

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