Snow in Portland, part II

Aw, hey, I just can’t help myself. It was a fun day and we’ve got the photos to prove it. I know all you winter weather dwellers will recognize a distinct lack of snow… but we Portlanders view this as as sled-worthy as it gets!

The girlie and I took our chances and drove as far up Mt. Tabor as my little purple Saturn dragon wagon could make it. I had planned to take the #15, which goes right up the hill, but the busses were having a devil of a day, and no #15s would be in our are for about a half an hour, so we drove. We found a relatively flat spot where I was able to turn her around and face her back downhill, then we parked and walked the rest of the way.

Girlie trying to decide how to spend her Sunday

We weren’t the only kids who thought of sleds. We joined other squealing families flying down the hill. Mt. Tabor has a giant park, and we didn’t even get to the top of the extinct volcano…so I imagine there must have been sledding people all over the place.

We were happy at the spot we found, so we played till we froze our buns off, then headed back to the car. It was so cold that my remote unlock button didn’t work, so I used the key to unlock the car. That set off the alarm, which I couldn’t turn off, of course, because everything was frozen and not working properly. And the alarm system wouldn’t let me start the car after the apparent break in either! Well, the horn worked well. It honked louder and louder and faster, drawing rather fine attention. Finally, inexplicably, it went off.

I love her hands out behind her. Whee!

We went the few blocks home, sort of puckered as I crawled downhill and thanked the gods my breaks were catching something. All the way until the stop sign at 76th. Whoops! Slipped right through. Luckily no one was around. When we hit 82nd, there was a green light, but the folks coming through were not able to stop for us, and slid right through the intersection. Wow, just like real winter.

waiting their turn

We got off our snow-caked boots and drank hot cocoa by the fire.

And then, girlie found out that school is canceled for tomorrow. Does winter GET any better?

we weren't the only ones who went to play in the snow on Mt. Tabor
enough snow to get some downhill speed

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