Exquisitely hot!

Ahhhhhhh….. It’s 92 outside right now, and it reached 92 yesterday. The sun hasn’t stopped, and I am blissfully warm. I feel like a complete woman for the first time in a very long time.

I am a skinny body and half reptile I guess… because I am not completely warm until it gets freakin’ HOT outside. And I do not do air conditioning. The worst part about summer is going to work because inevitably I’m in a climate-controlled building with windows that don’t open, and AC blowing through my hair. In the summer, I always have to keep a sweater at work so I don’t freeze. Am I that much of a freak that all the world except me wants it 47 degrees inside while it’s 85 outside? It’s summer; it’s supposed to be hot! Can’t we compromise?

Anyway, love this heat! I am fleshed out and swollen to be completely me. The sensitive follicles on my forearms have laid to rest flat against my skin. I am barefoot and soaking up my Mother Earth with pleasure – straight through to my heart through my feet. Even in the shade, even with a breeze, hot hot hot. Deliciously hot.

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