New job already!

Edith Green - Wendell Wyatt federal building

I have already mentioned that I applied for lots of jobs this summer. Responses to my applications are still rolling in. I interviewed for another VA job – a position with higher pay¬† ($8k more/year) and more responsibility. Last week I was offered the position! Yay! Instead of working on the 14th floor of the federal building, now I’m working on the 13th floor.

Well, actually, nothing is changing quite yet. I’m still in the training room down on the second floor, with 8 visiting VSRs from Philadelphia who are also in training. My new coach said I will finish up these three weeks of VSR training, then my three-week training to be an RVSR will begin on or around November 28.

I’m thinking I’ll finally see the inside of a cube and get to do my job around January. In the meantime: training, training, training. The fun part is that my GS-9 level pay raise begins today – up from GS-7. It’s all part of the slow, painful process to regain the status I was at four years ago: GS-11 Step 6.

Again, I can’t help but ask myself: Why did I just leave a $60K a year job to go $80K into debt and get a job that pays only $45K? Sigh.

It isn’t that simple. But man is life frustrating right now, even amidst my small successes.

One day, one day, I hope to be able to say with conviction that I am glad I went to school.

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