What Will You Never Forget Again?

"Every wall falls eventually"

When the wall came down.

I was just talking with another Zaadzster who said he lived in Berlin till 2006. And it all came flooding back, you know? The WALL came down. I am sitting here crying as I type. Can you remember that? How incredible that was? I felt like it set the stage for nothing short of an incredible, astonishing time to be on planet earth.

OK, so I never did forget it. That day was monumental in shaping who I later became, and a girl doesn’t lightly forget that. But that’s what I thought of when asked this question from Q&R…

(images from Frederik Ramm)

simultaneously creating and destroying

Comment from the old blog:


I have posted A LOT of my experiences from back then (being born in East Germany myself) over here:

Check it out. 🙂

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