What would you tell someone about to become a mother?

It will be nothing at all like you expected.

I have come to believe that we are given, not the children we were hoping for, but the children we need the most: to push us, challenge us, bring us unexpected joys, to help us grow in ways we were not prepared for.

Childrens’ personalities do not come from their parents. They are completely unrelated. Maybe she’ll end up similar, but that’s a coincidence. Be prepared to sit back and watch your child to learn who she is, because she is different than you.

Be prepared to give him more credit than you think is appropriate. Your child is way smarter than you think. He knows way more than you think he knows. He remembers stuff and has already put it together. You have a busy life: all he has to do is watch you all day long and figure you out.

Learn from your child. You have a lot of growing to do, and that sweet baby can teach you a lot.

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