House of Mouse

I just got back from Disneyland. It’s a trip that I’ve planned with my kid and their partner for years, but was pandemic prevented. There are so many photos I barely know where to begin. In fact, I sat down yesterday to begin what I know will be multiple blog posts. But I let other tasks pull me away, like leaf blowing and laundry. I sat down again this morning to do the same, and found myself outside hauling wood instead. I complained to Pedro and he said, “Hey, have you ever done one of those photo mosaic things?”

I made this using the free version of TurboMosaic from I think it’s hilarious how often the Rolling Stones mouth made of Lego bricks pops up when you zoom in.

Go ahead, click the image and zoom in.

This is a zoom in on Mickey’s eye from the above photo collage.

So there you go! I’m done. I hope you enjoyed my Disney vacation photos.

{Obviously I’m just kidding. I’m starting to come up with some themes, which will help me pull it apart and break it down and hopefully I won’t burden you with too many in the end.}

And Saturday, Pedro and I are flying out to Rhode Island! To attend a friend’s wedding. So there will be more to talk about and I will be behind on my blog posts for all time. Ha ha, not really. By December I think all our travel plans will be done and I can settle down and take care of my home and my kitty more consistently for the rest of the winter.

6 thoughts on “House of Mouse

    1. Ha ha! You mean you’ve never seen a photo made of other photos before? Sometimes they turn out really, really cool. Like an image of a bird, made only of other images of birds, and things like that. I’m sure I could have made one more amazing if I was willing to pay for the software, but you know…. I’m not.

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