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Most of my house was built in 1975. It had a garage attached on one side. At some point in somewhat recent history, an addition was built, that included a long narrow room behind the garage and a huge master bedroom on the opposite side of the garage.

I realized it could be hard to visualize what I am describing. So here is a rough sketch – not to scale – of the area I will be talking about. It shows how ginormous my master bedroom is.

Ok, so whomever designed the master bedroom came up with an enormous room (and a tiny bathroom, which drives me crazy, but I digress) that is simply too big to be only a bedroom. When I toured the home before I bought it, the previous owner was using half of the room as his workout room, with barbells and weight bench and everything. I have been using it as an office.

When I bought the house, I inherited 29 leftover 18″x18″ tiles. They are beautiful and were used in the master bath. After living here for years, I finally decided what to do with them. There were just about enough tiles to do a small rectangle on one end of the gigantic master bedroom. This is where I have set up my “office.” I have a desk and a chair to go with the desk, but the rollers on the bottom of the chair were on carpet, which is a no go. I used a plastic mat to cover the carpet. It makes things better, but still annoying. Also, the back door to the house is off the side of the office. Tile would be much better to step onto when entering the house from outside. A lot easier to clean up, anyhow.

I came up with the idea to buy a few extra squares, and replace the carpet with office tile.

Here is the old carpet right in front of a door leading outside, and some of the tiles left by the previous owner.
In this photo, I had removed my desk and tables and then laid out all the old tiles I had, to see how many new ones I had to buy.

Around that same time I got the idea to replace the carpet also. So I bought the extra tiles and carpet at the local floor place, and they sent over Bo to place the tiles. He was awesome. I was told to expect “rough around the edges.” Bo was perfect, though. He’s one of those people who is direct, open, honest, and frank. He has been doing tile all his life and had some amazing stories to tell about some of his most incredible tile jobs for movie stars and rich big wigs. At one time it was all the rage to create remarkable tile art in swimming pools in Vegas, and when one rich pool owner saw their neighbor’s newly tiled pool, he demanded that the same tile guy do his own pool, and Bo would get called again and again. Those were the days.

We discussed all the potential problems of trying to use tile from two completely different batches, using old tile that had been sitting outside for 7 years, etc. etc. He told me to clean all the old tile and dry it out, then lay out the new tile and come up with a pattern I liked, and he would copy what I had done. I brought in the 18″x18″ tiles, a few at a time, and dried them on the hearth beside the fire. We made an appointment and he planned to be in and out in three days. And that’s exactly what happened.

I was so delighted by this image, I surreptitiously took a shot. This old guy worked fast, was extremely knowledgeable, took me and my concerns seriously – and figured out what I was trying to say when I had difficulty explaining it – and he did beautiful work.

On day three, Bo finished the grout by midday and took a long lunch break. He asked for permission to take his dog around on my property the first day, and the two made it a ritual each day, to go wander through the grass, and check out the creek and the pond. The weather remained beautiful.

In the second half of day three, he applied two coats of tile sealer. He said I could apply as many coats as I wanted, and left me the remaining materials and showed me how to do it. Then he explained that I needed to refrain from putting heavy furniture on the tile for another 48 hours. After he left, that evening I did one more coat of sealer. And the next morning, I put down a fourth coating. That ought to be enough.

My new office floor! This is what it looked like the evening after Bo left. All ready to have the wood floor trim put back and to have my desk and tables and chair returned. Once it dries completely, of course.
There’s the desk where I’m usually sitting when I write my posts or read yours. There’s the chair with wheels that now no longer sink into the soft carpeted floor.

The next day, I began putting my furniture back. In the course of tearing up the floor and taking a close look at everything, I realized I wanted new paint in there too. It would make sense to paint the room while the old carpet remained on the floor, in case I dripped – which I always do. So that will be my next home improvement post: paint. You will be so surprised with what I decided to do to the walls. There is a little clue in one of today’s images.

11 thoughts on “Office Tile

  1. hi – Bo did a fine job and your tiles look like marble – and the variety is so much better than a standard beige.
    and by the way/ i LOVE tile for the easy clean up, durable and mite free –
    i know some folks love hard wood and carpet and well – there is a place for all three but tile does super well at an entry way!
    some can break or crack but in general it is my choice

    and for the paint color? not sure the clue but are you going with a soft green or a soft blue??

    1. Hi Yvette! I agree completely about what you say about tile!! It’s already so nice to just sweep it up quickly when I need to, or wipe down the dust. Much better than when it was carpet.

      The clue is hard to find. I did a patch of paint on the wall to help me develop my idea. You can see the paint in one of the photos. And yes! It’s blue! But wait and see…it’s not just one colour.

      1. oh how exciting that it is not just one color –
        and the only thing about tile is that it can be a little cold – but i wear house slippers or flip flops almost all the time
        oh and back to the paint topi clean real quick
        in the dining room we had a nice medium earthy kind of green for a long time – i then tried two tan walls and two lighter walls (hint of gray – and before that had those two with some medium to light teal that had three different other colors depending on the light – think it was a metallic kind of paint and it was fun for a short while)
        the new colors never seemed right and one day we were shopping at a home improvement store (no names) and saw a dark camo green for sale price – took a chance on it and last month used it on two walls and Crystal – i love it so much – it was darker than i would have wanted at first but now that it is up it is warm and matches the two pieces of art in there.
        okay – can’t wait to see the paint you choose

      2. I love that story! I once took a chance on a deep dark red for a few walls in my living room, and I also loved it. As long as you can “break up” a dark colour like that, I think it’s a great idea. I think I would swoon over a dark green like you have. ❤

      3. glad the red worked out for you – and my green is not too dark – gosh maybe a 6 or 7 out of 10 (if that made sense)

  2. Oh yes! I love home improvement people who are steady and reliable. And I love the end product, especially the photo of how you encounter the place as you enter. And finally, yes, I saw the hint in one of the photos but I remembered the design from a previous post even before I saw the hint. It will be amazing!!

    1. Oh yes, I liked that photo too – entering the doorway from outside. And the tile was prettier than I thought it was, since I had only ever seen it in stacks outside in the rain with weeds growing up around it. Some of the tile was growing moss, ha ha!! It has a better home now.

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