Chicken Palace

View of chicken pen and coop from my bedroom window. Look at that pretty little spike deer.

Remember the Hussies? My chickens are still with me. Only three remain (Lacey was hit by a car, and I ate Gimpy), and I love them as much as I ever did. It was high time I demonstrated this.

A friend of mine needed a place to stay and he is not able to pay but is the handiest of handy men. I live alone in a three-bedroom home on a big property and work full time so I don’t have extra time left over to take care of my big property. Obviously, this was a situation that could help both of us.

Josh moved in the end of March and started helping me. (You may remember Josh from our hike last October) The list of improvements ranges from finally having a towel rack installed in my master bathroom to constructing new buildings on the property! One big change is that my chicken Hussies finally have a decent home.

At the beginning of March, I began some work before Josh showed up. I hired some professionals and had a new chicken house built. My poor hussies have been living in a tiny chicken house designed for chicks. For two years they huddled in that tiny house and roosted and nested in the same space.

Original chicken house, soon after I moved here.
The beginnings of the new house lit up by morning sunlight, while the old house remains. You can pick it out behind the workman in blue.
Walls go up.
Roof and siding on.

One of the first things Josh did when he arrived was to finish the chicken house. He installed roosts and nesting boxes. Installed moisture-repellent flooring for easy cleaning. Covered the walls with tar paper (again, for easier cleaning). He painted it. Josh had the idea to cut a little hole in the side and install the old ramp from their little house, so there is a special chicken-sized access door. Now they have a chicken palace, and they roost on the opposite side of the room from where they nest (translation: no more poop on the eggs).

Brand new chicken palace.
Roosts, chicken, pellets, and poop
I can walk right inside! Open the window, fill their feeder, marvel at what a mess they make.
Eggs in the nesting boxes.
Newly painted.

Stay tuned for updates on the landscaping, the pump house, the upcoming kitchen remodel… and more.

7 thoughts on “Chicken Palace

  1. That’s one classy chicken palace!!! Yay for a Josh! I did not realize he was still there with you. Nice to have a built in handyman. I miss mine but he was too expensive to keep. I need an update but either e-mail or face to face. 😉 Marvelous job on palace. All those little jobs add up. 😉

    1. Josh is magical. I mean, for people who like to get projects done. 🙂 He’s also very expensive. I hand over my card, he goes to Home Depot, and blam! All the little jobs do add up though. It has been really wonderful. From fixing a loose outlet, to mowing, cleaning gutters… ahhh. He also cleans up after himself because he’s always tracking dirt through the house. He bought a mop and stores it in the TV room for quick access. ha ha.

      Yes, I would really love a visit. Email is ok, but I miss you and I want to give you hugs. So I’ll find a way to do that.

  2. Ahh, how lovely. A true palace indeed. And look at all the eggs! But let me tell you, the start of this post gave me a right big chuckle: “Only three remain (Lacey was hit by a car, and I ate Gimpy).” (Not the accident, of course, just the wording.)

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