Missed day #1 in Burma

I skipped three days while I was in Burma – called Myanmar by the locals and much of the world. This was because I was hiking across country, and had no Internet. I’ll post the next two missed days when I get to them. Click the image to reach the blog post.

Our first view of the Golden Rock from a distance.


12 thoughts on “Missed day #1 in Burma

      1. Hey, it was your finger on the button! Laughing. Photography is more about being able to see the photo than anything else. And if we are lucky on occasion, all the better. 🙂

      2. I thought you meant the balance of the rock!!!

        Yes, I describe my photography very nearly as you describe it here. I have good equipment and an artist’s eye, and sometimes I get lucky with a shot.

      1. I read your post and I am so impressed with your tenacity!! It was much much much easier for us to travel. I got my Visa online in 24 hours by filling out one form one time. At customs there was a long line, but when I go to the front, badda-boom, the official stamped my papers and waived me through. It took 5 minutes. There was no requirement for US dollars, and I just popped my debit card into an ATM when I showed up in Yangon. I admire your spirit through all of your challenges.

      2. It sounds like they have stream lined it quite a bit now! That is good for tourism.
        We had an adventure, for sure. It is one of our fondest memories, traveling as a family.

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