Squirrel Proof?

14 thoughts on “Squirrel Proof?

  1. The poor chap has to expend so much energy to get his fist full of bird seed – I’m sure the effort can’t be worth the reward! I find these creatures impossibly cute and would probably erect a bird feeder especially for them 🙂 And yes, the background symphony is a delight! You are a most fortunate home office owner ❤

    1. You may very well be right about the effort not being worth it. When I give them peanuts, they just cache them. Then they are still hungry, so they eat the bird food. That is hilarious you would put up a bird feeder for the squirrels. 🙂

  2. Very nice!, remember I saw part of the squirrels and your wndering across the river and waterfalls.
    Crystal I have to write you commenting your lovely letter and Taras’….magnifific both… I’ll read them again.

  3. I’m sitting here giggling as I know there is probably nothing that is squirrel proof. They have more tenacity than any thing or person I know. Good try though. You should send the video to the manufacturer and ask for your refund. 🙂 My next door neighbor in California didn’t know about racoons and that they could dig through the roof to get inside if they wanted. When they came through the kitchen ceiling, he finally called for professional help. Don’t you just love nature? I’m so impress by it and love all those sounds in your yard too. You are a lucky girl to work from home.

    1. Oh I am so lucky. I count my blessings every day. A new position came open at work that I qualify for, and it would be a substantial raise. I didn’t even apply because people on that team do not have the option to work at home. Even a big raise won’t tempt me away from my home office.

      Yes, you already know there is no such thing as squirrel proof, and I’m sure my antics are amusing to you, ha ha! But it’s fun trying. And I did get an entertaining video out of it. I do love nature. Those critters can be frustrating, but so impressive. (it helps when they are cute, too)

      1. It’s great that you don’t take it seriously. Nature teaches us what life’s all about. It runs things and we get to be entertained by it. What a great deal that is. My friend, Alys, at Gardening Nirvana snaps great shots of the squirrels in her yard too. Didn’t catch one of the little devils eating her swing cover though. I love watching their antics but never catch a good photo much less a video.
        I wouldn’t take more money to leave home either. Good choice. How is the school search going??

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