Groceries sans kids

I just returned from picking up some groceries at Fred Meyer. It was my first grocery shopping trip since Tara left to spend the summer with her dad. As I began filling the cart, I noticed something interesting about the contents.

See if you notice it, too. Scan the photos below and try to identify which group might likely be purchased while Tara lives here, and which was purchased today.

Image A
Image B

Yes! You are correct!

Image B obviously is the group designed to appeal to someone with a minimally creative sense of taste, i.e., my child. Image A is today’s restocking of things I haven’t had to buy for the last 10 months, since I would be the only one eating them.

Now I can’t wait to cook and eat!

On a completely unrelated note, but still interesting, I have not yet put away the jar of capers. I went to set an armload of things on the counter, so I could place them into the cupboards above. The capers popped out of my hands and landed on the counter top and spun around slowly. My first thought was that I had to grab it before it hit the floor, but I still had other jars in my hands. I put it all down and reached for the capers, but by that time the jar had stopped. It came to rest at an angle, precariously balanced on the little glass ridges on the bottom of the jar. How cool is that? And what are the odds? I’m going to leave it like this till Mark gets home, so someone will believe me.

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