I am an Indian!

7 thoughts on “I am an Indian!

  1. Your blue card and white card don’t make you an Indian. Either you were Cherokee before those things or you were not. It should be about community and relationships. If you need advise on what to do next it would be to go home and connect. Please do not take this as spiteful but hopefully it is helpful advise.

  2. Mikhelle thank you for giving your input and for offering help to a stranger. I agree that membership in any group is defined by participation, and has little to do with a piece of paper. I am sorry if the title of my post offended you.

  3. Shiyo Crystal! Mikhelle makes a point; your blue and white cards don’t make you an Indian. If they were issued properly to you, you were born of Indian blood and you are, as much as anyone is, a Cherokee. It does not have to be about any specific community or relationships. You are as you are, whether or not Mikhelle or someone else who is a Cherokee happens to know you. We are not some static people. We branch out like any other people. You are as entitled to be proud of your ancestors and be recognized as their descendant as Mikhelle, myself, or any other regardless of your affiliation with the present tribes.

    1. Osiyo, R.G., and thank you also for your beautiful comment. What you say is validating, and I appreciate it. Your perspective is so relevant and vital, yet so lost on our planet sometimes. Every group of people changes and remains modern as the years go by, including Greeks, Romans, even Mayans, as well as Cherokees.

      I am an Indian, as I said, and proud of it! This role is new to me, not because I just got injected with some indigenous blood, but because I have decided to embrace it, unlike my parents. I haven’t precisely figured out what being Cherokee means to me (or, for that matter, what being Cherokee and Modoc means to me). As you rightly suggest, even when I do decide, I may evolve and change my mind anyway!

    1. You should contact the Nation. I am simply a random blogger with no special insight into or skills with lost documents. I’m sorry to hear about the stolen wallet. Good luck getting the information you need!

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