40th Birthday Trip – Leaving Portland

Alright! Without further ado, let’s get this party started!

Our view for most of the day – you’re jealous

T and I made it to New York without any significant hitches. We also cut 8 hours from our total hours flying… so that’s pretty cool. Our layover here is 23 hours, so we decided to check into a hotel tonight and use our precious morning hours to explore the city tomorrow.

Our plane landed early (7pm E – 4pm Pacific), and we were able to comfortably check into our hotel, rummage through our bags a bit, and then go have a sit-down meal. Neither of us was very hungry after our long day of sitting on planes. Tara consumed about 5 cans of ginger ale today, two large poppy seed muffins, most of a bag of caramel and chocolate-covered popcorn (thanks Heather!), and almond clusters. I drank mostly coffee, but also drank a lot of water, because I have decided I need to get healthy again. Yes!

When waiting for the next plane, DS helps

There is snow on the ground here, and it definitely feels like the 30 degrees NWS says it is. Forecast for tomorrow is 35 degrees with a 20% chance of snow. That will be fun! Mom gave us a great idea. We both brought bulky warm clothes with which to comfortably endure a day of being outside on the streets of NYC. The warm stuff we brought is all clothes we do not want to keep. When we’re done with our day… the clothes will get left behind.

Sun rose and then set again while we were on the plane
Waiting for the Fairfield Inn shuttle

Transportation and point to point exchanges scare me. Once I’m on the train, or the plane, or in the taxi, I am completely relaxed. However, that transition section is so frightening to me. Mostly because I’m from the sticks and really prefer my feet to get me where I need to go. Today though, we went from the JFK airport to baggage claim, to the airport lightrail, to the shuttle pickup spot, to the hotel with ease. I have decided the rest of our trip will be just as easy. I like it this way.

During dinner, I noticed behind the bar, only one single item of decoration, tucked amidst the bottles. A bust of King Tutankhamen. Now, if that isn’t an omen that we are where we should be, then I don’t know what is.

Where I’m sitting at this very moment while I type

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