Putting on snow gear before we head out to Safeway

Miss T is in Boise now. I’ve been checking Alaska Airlines’ tracker, and I see that her plane is on the ground. Hopefully Grandpa Trulove found her, or is finding her. I’m hoping for a phone call soon. ( <–worried Mom)

Roads are somewhat better, but the side streets which have been a disaster for a long time, are probably at their worst ever. For the first time since the big snow, we couldn’t get the car out this morning. I was thinking, “After all our little ridiculous trips to play in the snow because we were bored… this time we need to get our girl to the airport and we’re stuck.”

girlie and me loaded with groceries

But my man is tenacious, as well as a skilled winter driver, and we finally got the little Jetta through the piles of 8-inch-deep slush and ice (skidding all over the place, fishtailing, please-don’t-smack-one-of-these-parked-cars-please-don’t…), and onto Stark/Washington, which is clear. Then, our ONE chain slowed us down (one because the other one snapped off when we got stuck on Hawthorne that day I lost my ID), and we went 27 miles an hour all the way to the airport. Lucky for us, we live pretty close to the airport.

ANYHOW, roads are better and our mail is finally getting through again. We got a big stack of Christmas cards yesterday. Included was my annual letter from my math teacher from high school. Yep, I am from one of those tiny country schools where everyone knew and mostly liked each other. I still have addresses for several of my high school teachers. So in their Christmas letter this year, I found a URL for their blog, and logged in and they have videos like so many people have. I finally got inspired to try and include videos.

Look guys, my camera was cutting edge when I bought it. It’s no longer cutting edge. My only video options are 32-seconds (no more, no less), and there is no sound. But back in 1989 when I bought it… no, it’s not that old.

Hopefully Girlie has a splendid week with her Grandpa and Grandma Trulove. Now, why hasn’t she called me yet…


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