Turkey Trot

anticipation builds as we gather in the zoo parking lot

Had a jolly little jog this morning. It’s been so long since I’ve run in a race. I used to do it more frequently when I was married to a triathlete. I haven’t run since I lived in California, and I thought this would be a good starter race. Only 4 miles and for a good cause: to support the Oregon Zoo.

it was a day of many turkeys

Traffic was a breeze at 7:30 am, and we parked with ease right in front of the World Forestry Center. I knew that with only one spot for bathrooms that I needed to get in line immediately, which I did. It took a full 15 minutes to get into the porta potty – dubious prize. First suggestion to Oregon Road Runners Club: more places to pee, please. As if to add insult to injury, Starbucks was co-located with the porta potties, so we could load up on more juice.

The first runners leap across the start line

I left my honey so he could find a high place for his camera, and I picked my way through the crowd of very festive people to sort of aim myself toward the Start. It was a glorious sunny morning following a brilliant sunrise. The clear skies brought in chilly air which was perfect for a run and for all the crazy outfits people had on. Lots of turkey hats, turkey costumes, baked and stuffed turkey hats (nice!), and even a cow. A cow? And several people in tutus, and a guy in reindeer horns. Um?

Where's my smile? I was too worried about trampling the herd ahead of me.

Second suggestion: Put the runners up front, baby strollers next, walkers last. I met up with the woman who handles Human Resources at my work and chatted with her till the race began. She was there with her walking group. So maybe I made it harder on myself by standing where they were. But in any case, jammed in with all those people, it took a very long time before I could actually get up enough speed to call it a jog. I passed the one mile marker before I cleared enough people to be able to get up to my usual running pace, and I am a slow runner!

A plug for beef instead of turkey?

Case in point: The same time I passed the one mile marker, those hot shot boys who were being all lithe and fit and stretching out at the starting line… the first of them passed me on his way BACK up the hill, when I was at mile one, and the next four of them passed me only minutes later. I really should bully myself up to the front if I plan on running in these things.

Cheers rose up from the slower runners still running down the hill for about the first 30 people who passed us on their way back up the hill. Later the cheers went both ways, boosting each other up, and spotting friends going the other direction. “Hi!” “Hey!” “Happy Thanksgiving!”

gobble gobble

It was a lovely run down the hill past the Arboretum, the Japanese Garden, and we turned around just at the Rose Test Garden. Then, sadly, back up the hill. I did walk some of those steep uphills, but it was only to provide moral support for my gentle co-runners who had also slowed to a walk. Because of course, I would be running right up all those hills if I wasn’t so concerned about their feelings. I heaved and gasped a bit too, to make it seem authentic.

Where's the finish?

The last ¼ mile was inside the zoo itself. That’s a pretty fun idea. I finally spotted my man with his camera right at the finish line, and gave him a wave as I headed for the water table. The Oregon Road Runners Club handed out donated pumpkin pies to random people, but they were gone by the time I showed up. I guess I’ll have to make my own.

My body was still crying from that horrible hill, but spirits were high. The sun was still brilliant and kids were running around all happy, and people were cheering for each other. It was a great feeling to have finished a race. Thanks Starbucks for the free cup of Christmas Blend. Thanks Oregon Road Runners Club for the opportunity to run a race for the zoo!

There's the smile!

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