Job = House

crack house

This time, my honey found work. Ahhh, finally. The stress level in the house has dropped considerably, and we’re starting to look for houses to buy.

We found an awesome, fully trashed, crack- house looking place that we fell in love with. It may take a year before it could be repaired enough to feel like a home, but we’re both handy and we love doing home repairs. This place is mostly gutted inside, and you can almost see in the picture the yellow “caution” tape around the perimeter. Ha!

We put in a new wood floor in the place in Massachusetts, and we were like little kids playing a game. We had so much fun with it. We started wrong, and had to tear it up and start over, and we were only bummed a couple hours before we got all excited again. I love to paint walls. Love it! In my home in Eureka, I even textured the walls and found that to be a fun task too. I had to work quickly, so there was pressure, and that made it like a game.

Well, wherever we end up living, I am happy when I’m looking for houses. I’ve bought five houses on my own so far. This will be the first time I have to rely on someone else’s credit and paycheck to get into a place, because I am still responsible for the Massachusetts house. I am glad that he and I have the same taste. I love looking at houses and dreaming. I am such an easy window-shopper for houses because I can get totally excited about a place, then if it turns out that I can’t have the place, I just get excited about another one.

I don’t think we’ve got enough time to pull off a new home before Christmas, but that sure would be an awesome holiday gift…

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