Reprieve from the heat

A creek near Wyeth campground

I went camping with my daughter in the Columbia Gorge night before last. It was a bit of a reconnaissance trip. We haven’t gone camping since we moved here, so it was time to explore nearby places to experience the great outdoors.

I need to be home to keep filling out job applications, and I also need to get all her patches sewn onto her Girl Scouts sash before school starts Tuesday. So it couldn’t be more than one night. Just the overnight trip was lovely though, and we explored three different campgrounds, picked the one we liked best – Wyeth – and stayed there.



There were a couple of trails and a pretty creek nearby, so we hiked first thing in the morning. Up on the side of the mountain, the heat was pretty intense. We realized that it had been a great choice to go camping when the weather turned out to be so hot. We were cool at our campsite tucked away in the trees with the cool air blowing across us from the creek.


We followed the trail up the hillside and we stopped on a rockslide to have a mid-morning snack and look out across the gorge. I’ll let pictures describe the setting.

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